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"My daughter has attended Hazel Bell School of Dance since she was 3 years old.  The warmth, love, care, and of course the teaching has made her into the dancer she is today.  The dance shows held alternate years are testament to the dancing that is being taught, and all the pupils have smiles on their faces. My daughter and I have made friendships through the ballet school that will stay with us both for the rest of our lives. We cannot recommend Michelle and her team enough." Lindsey Culley

"After dancing at the Hazel Bell School of Dance for the last 7 years, our daughter could not be more enthusiastic about her passion for dance.  The quality of the tuition and support she has received from Michelle, Hazel and Hannah is unrivalled and very much valued by Olivia. They have provided fantastic opportunities for Olivia within the competition team and she is always excited for her next challenge. Olivia absolutely loves learning new skills in her ballet, modern and tap in lessons and will practise them religiously to get it right to show her gratitude to her fantastic teachers who she absolutely adores! Sending Olivia to this dance school was the best decision we ever made and I am confident her dedication and commitment to dancing will last a lifetime, thanks to the fantastic education she has had here. We are so very grateful for everything they do for our daughter, especially continuing dance lessons online throughout lockdown and we are looking forward to being back to the excitement of dancing exams, competitions and preparing for the next fabulous show!" Kate Haines 



"I have trained at the Hazel Bell School of Dance since I was six years old and thanks to receiving the best training, I can say that I'm living the dream as a professional dancer. I don't think I'd have been where I am today had it not been for the guidance of Hazel and Michelle. It's like a second home and I would definitely recommend anyone considering taking up dance training to join this school!" Stephanie Jayne Thompson 



"14 years of dancing at Hazel Bell and I still love it! It's the most kind and friendly environment that provides excellent training backed with lots of support and encouragement."  Hannah White



"Both my daughters have attended the Hazel Bell School of Dance for the last 15 years. Their training and encouragement helped my eldest daughter in her auditions to study Musical Theatre in London. My youngest daughter loves competing and representing the school in local and National championships. The ethos is on team work and being one big happy family." Joanne Roebuck 



"My daughter attended the Hazel Bell School of dance from the age of six. She had the best training here, and this was commented on when she went on to dance college at the age of 17. My daughter has a successful dancing career now, and this was made possible through the encouragement and support of these brilliant teachers, Hazel and Michelle, who have offered advice and support above and beyond the technical teachings in class. Thank you." Debbie Bryden 



"My daughter has enjoyed her 14 years at Hazel Bell. As well as helping her achieve her ambition to do a full time Dance & Musical Theatre course the school has given her some remarkable friendships, a great deal of confidence and self assurance."  Brian Curran


"Amazing school! Amazing teachers! Loved being a pupil here and i'm incredibly grateful for everything Hazel and Michelle have helped me to achieve" Ruth Cass


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