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Proud and Emotional times at the Robinson Festival

The hottest weekend of the year and where do we find ourselves? Inside Blackburn hall for the entire two days at the Robinson Festival. That said, the school did us so proud as always.

There was a touch of sadness at the festival as we said goodbye to two of our seniors Abbie Roebuck and Phoebe Ayton. As of September Abbie will be attending Bird College in Kent and Phoebe will be going to Bath University to study Sports Science. Both girls have been an asset to the school and will be greatly missed. Come back and see us whenever you can please.

We did fantastically in the presentation at the end of the festival and here's a full list of the trophy winners:

Baby Runner Up - Isabella Lukic

B Section Winner - Isabella Ayton

C Section Winner - Malachy Bray

C Section Runner Up - Lucy Moss

F Section Runner Up - Hermione Wilson

Senior Novice Winner - Elle Doswell

Junior Duets without Song - Abbie Morris & Isabella Ayton

Junior Classical Duets - Abbie Morris & Isabella Ayton

Junior Duets with Song - Millie Smith & Isabella Ayton

Inter Duets with Song - Millie Smith & Hannah Wheatley

Senior Troupes - Dance with the Devil

Baby Disco - Isabella Lukic

Junior Disco - Lara Thompson

Highest Mark of the Festival - Abbie Roebuck

Encouragement Award - Lara Thompson

Best Vocals - Abbie Roebuck

Outstanding Performer Award - Abbie Roebuck

Bursary Nominees - Abbie Roebuck, Isabella Lukic & Amelia Robinson (Duet with Song), Isabella Ayton

Bursary Runner Up - Isabella Ayton

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